JROTC Unit Sponsorship



JROTC Unit Sponsorship Needed!! Camps and individual compatriots to sponsor a cadet slated to receive this prestigious award. As we expand the scope of the award in places like Hawaii, Alaska, Japan, and the numerous JROTC units in the New England states, we have more demand for cadet sponsorship. If you were to sponsor a JROTC unit we would like to see you make contact with the school, share who you are, and a little about the mission of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Get to know the recipient and try to stay in touch with the unit’s senior instructor. AFJROTC and AJROTC uniform regulations state prophetically that the JROTC Unit will not be responsible for payment of the award package. As a result, at the end of the 2011/2012 Award Season the program was owed $1400 for award packages not paid for. I try hard to marry a unit with a camp, but as we grow and the number of contact points (i.e. camp member, adjutant, commander, division commander, division chairman, unit senior instructor, unit cadets, etc) become uncontrollable the harder it gets to find sponsors for all units wanting to participate. Many of you do not have a JROTC Unit close to your camp. I ask you to vote on sponsoring as many units as you can individually or as a camp. There are some camps that have 27 JROTC Units in their county and can not possibly sponsor them all. Use our Sponsor Application and just charge it using our PayPal account.


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